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http://www.fusiontattooink.com/ (раздел "LINKs") используют и рекомендуют.
вот что говорит Jeff Gogue http://www.gogueart.com/ например:

Ink... When I started tattooing in 1999, I googled top tattoo ink brands. The highest rated on the sites I found was “Starbright” So I bought those. Over the next few years I found that the reds were tough to heal and I had two allergic reactions on clients. I started asking around and a brand called Fantasia out of Texas was recommended to me, specifically a guy named Adam Everett who was the mixer/chemist. I switched to them and loved em!! The reds especially went in great and healed much better. A matter of weeks later I found out that Adam had left Fantasia and went to work at Eternal Tattoos in Detroit, to mix their pigments. Of course I followed him there and have been using Eternal brand pigments since. Adam, and Tramp (Owner of Eternal) have been awesome to me and super supportive over the years. A few months ago Adam left Eternal and started his own pigment company along with Dan Guy, Jason Guy, and Jared Driscoll from Next Generation Tattoo machines. Its called “Fusion” These guys are awesome!!! Fusion inks are amazing!!!! I’ve switched completely over to Fusion inks and love them... They are the highest quality, all organic, pigments. They go in easy, and heal great. It’s nothing personal against Eternal, they are a great company... I just really trust Adam and his high standards of pigment mixing. He’s passionate about what he does and only wants the best for his artists. The list of artists that use his pigments is huge; Nikko Hurtado, Guy Aitchison, Carson Hill, Mike Cole, Mike Devries, Mike Godfrey, Jon Clue, Roman Abrego,Tony Ciavarro, Jeff Johnson, Nick Chaboya, Nate Kostechko, Robert Atkinson, Cecil Porter, Rick Walters, Baba, Shotsie Gorman, Catfish Carl, Steve Morris, Don McDonald, Hori Ryu, Jeff Ensminger, Nick Baxter, Johnny Jackson, and more...

People ask me all the time what pigments I use. I cant recommend a better company than Fusion. the support you’ll have from them is amazing, any questions you have will be answered by Adam, Peg (his wife) or the other guys that they work with. You’ll have your orders fast and your tattoos will be noticeably brighter with them. My only complaint is they are a little bit more work to clean off during the tattoo process cause there’s a noticable amount more of pigment particles, but that's to be expected.... They haven't asked me to write this. i just think our clients need the best quality we can get and these guys deliver that. Check out Fusion Inks... I doubt you’ll be disappointed.


Купить Fusion tattoo Ink: http://www.xktattoo.ru/category/tatt...ion-tattoo-ink
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