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The world of tattooing {Henk Schiffmacher}
The world of tattooing {Henk Schiffmacher}
Опубликовал Smoke
По умолчанию The world of tattooing {Henk Schiffmacher}

In the world of the tatoeages Henk Schiffmacher is not certain a foreigner. Henk is born in 1952 in Harderwijk although you can that no more on his accent say. He sounds like a breed real Amsterdammian. He lives and works there now then also.
He was known under The name Hanky Panky put and the nicest tatoeages from which certain real Piece of arts are. Many celebrities has Henk then even though provide with Tatoeages (Anouk, Patty Brard, Marilyn Manson, Herman Loaf, Of Get, Ozzy Osbourne etc.) It Henk is also that the art of the tatoeages from it Slum has got.
In this free short documentary he takes along our A trip over the world: Borneo, New Zealand, Hawai, Samoa and Japan His but a couple of of the countries visits that he. He allows the art of Call old man tatoeeren see whereby the ink by means of a wand with A sharp thing (knife, pin) in the skin is patted.
From many tatoeages we receive to see the significances. In Europe the tatoeages were Especially reported to marine lazy to recognition, after for example Verdrinking. But this form of tatoeages do not passes it here. For the greater part Were/are introduced the tatoeages to religious reasons or Protection.
In bird flight various peoples are visited there that the tatoeages on the Original ********* gives. What I vastly regrettably find is that everything in A frantic speed over the picture dendert while I nevertheless with pleasure still more Background information would have over wanted these peoples. What I well Quite pretty found is that Henk in each people a traditional tatoeages takes, How painful certain also be.

By Сергей_ТАТУ 14.11.2009, 14:07
По умолчанию Ответ: The world of tattooing {Henk Schiffmacher}

про иппонцеф прикольно...
иглы примотанные изолентой к деревянным палочкам )

и музей татуированной кожи... интересно
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By Хэнк 14.11.2009, 15:11
По умолчанию Ответ: The world of tattooing {Henk Schiffmacher}

О,блин,тёзка!Да уж,есть многое на свете,друг Горацио....антигигиена рулит...
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By Pha[N]toM 04.07.2010, 12:53
По умолчанию Ответ: The world of tattooing {Henk Schiffmacher}

Они привыкшие, и рыбу жрут сырую. Они сакэ это всё автоклавируют... изнутри )))
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